Social Justice, Peace and Ecology

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Our group has been meeting for more than 15 years.

Our meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month (except January)
in the Parish Meeting Room.

The issues we focus on arise out of group discernment using Catholic Social Justice Teaching as a guide, and addressing a felt need in our local area or in the wider world.

Over many years the group has given SUPPORT FOR: Environmental crisis and climate change; Aboriginal Reconciliation; Refugee and Asylum Seekers; Poverty and Homelessness; Land Mines; assisting the Carmelite Mission in East Timor etc. as well as assisting the Parish with awareness raising on Social Justice Sunday



1. Raise awareness of social justice issues within the Parish and provide links to Catholic social teaching to facilitate understanding and response

2. Encourage the Parish’s involvement in a faith based way locally, regionally and globally to foster social justice, ecological sustainability and peace.

3. Promote open, honest and constructive dialogue within the parish, wider community and diocese on social justice, ecology and peace related issues

4. Support the leadership of Bishop Ingham in the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong and the Catholic Bishops of Australia on Social Justice to facilitate the development of a Diocesan Social Justice Strategy.



EAST TIMOR MISSIONS- we support the Carmelite Missions by sponsoring students in their education.Funds are raised from sale of organically grown EAST TIMOR COFFEE by promoted throughout the Diocese – GROUND COFFEE OR ROASTED BEANS - $9 per packet or two packets for $16 … phone Gabrielle 4232 2735 or information read more

CULTURAL DIVERSITY– we support REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS through the work of SCARF Wollongong (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families) – a very enriching experience was held on Saturday 24th August in our Parish in conjunction with the SS Peter & Paul School and their Parents & Friends and Corpus Christi High School read more

AUSTRALIAN BISHOPS’ SOCIAL JUSTICE STATEMENT – we promote, study and try to implement the work of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council here in our own parish ... read more

CARE AND PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT – BZE (Beyond Zero Emissions) is an Australian organisation that have developed a plan for A Fully-Costed Blueprint for Australia’s Transition to 100% Renewable Energy … we invite you to explore Gillian King’s presentation held on Wednesday 6th November in the SS Peter & Paul’s School Hall … read more

MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS – confronting world poverty is a problem that challenges us all.The 2015 target date for eliminating poverty set in the The Millennium Development Goals is drawing near – how can we help? read more



















































































































































































Contact Parish Office or

Ann Long: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Monika Trauth: 4253 0896 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.